The cult music video no one has seen

Surfing the Internet, you can meet communities of people who are interested in everything to do with the history of Yugoslavia, with its collapse and further fate, involved in it for an unusual reason of watching an old weird video, where a harsh man in military uniform accompanied by few other soldiers plays a simple accordion tune, not forgetting to look around for enemy snipers. The clip has a literally hypnotic effect and sticks in your mind for a long time. Usually it only becomes a reason to make jokes about it on the Internet, but there are also examples of people for whom this video has become the first step to serious love for the Serbian people and Serbia. Above everything, it happens due to the fact that people who have watched the so-called "Remove Kebab" video are becoming united by their interests, forming a kind of subculture. The thing is that if you go deeper into this, you can see even lots of clips calling Serbian (or Croatian or Bosnian) volunteers on to go war, sometimes destroying all thinkable expectations from the military music. When they was almost no information about them, it had forced many questions: what does it mean, how was created, what was their path to the Internet and where one can find all this stuff in good quality. It seems that these questions, sooner or later, are solvable (all countries have their enthusiasts ready to research information about old recordings, to buy and digitize old tapes and to interview persons involved in the clips). And yet something was wrong with the most important cornerstone, that charismatic warrior and his fellow soldiers. No one knew their names, the year of filming, the label that released the tape or the channel that aired the clip — that's OK. But along with the most legendary cut there were two different "full versions" of the video, titled "Serbia strong" and "Radovan Karadzic Haag bluz" respectively, where every appearance of "that" scene irreversibly and not for the better differed from the reference. A Turkish Macedonian Sergej, who considered the viral popularity of the meme his merit, cited the source of the insert in the Momčilo's video "Džamije lete" in the chart, where it ranked eighth. But if the editors of the chart had this beat without any distortions, then why the same scene in the "original" music videos now moves towards the center of the screen, then has overlaps with an old man emptying his glass, then some emaciated man behind the wire? There was no organized information at the time, only dubious rumors.

The turning point was 2018. By that time, all the laurels had been seized by the Danish gamer Kocayine, who had opened this layer of songs to the English-speaking audience and thus embodied an era in the life of the meme (those who helped him with subtitles and other material meanwhile not always deservedly left remained in the shadows). In 2018, Kocayine suddenly announced as its successor the Slovenian channel Naša Srpska Arhiva (or just NSA), which has published many rare music videos in high quality in various times, up to the "Džamije lete" mentioned below. NSA managed to involve the masses on various internet sites in the researching process and brought the fan community to a new level. Of course, many people were concerned about the fate of the clip this site is about, and thanks to enthusiasts such as c0dydev, OldClassicGamer and Thanmad, key moments of the history were clarified, and material artifacts were recovered from oblivion. Your humble servant also worked and communicated with them and even prepared materials for a lawsuit against the thieves of the tape (history is silent on whether the case took place or not). Eventually, one of the songwriters and performers responded to the outburst of attention and decided to tell the story and message of the song in the first person on YouTube. In 2019, the song was at the center of an international scandal and one of the people he mentioned decided to go on the interview, thereby confirming that they were not imposters and had indeed written that song.

This site is intended to collect all the relevant and reliable information about the song, which has already accumulated a lot, including our own discoveries. The ultimate goal is to convince anyone who miraculously discovers the original of a wanted clip that this treasure must be made public. If this applies to you and for some reason you cannot publish the recording yourself, please contact us on any terms through the form below or through social networks.

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