Memes before even full upload

In 2006 or 2007, a video called "Jebo Evrosong, CHETNOSONG je zakon (contest in Serbia)" with "Remove Kebab" part appeared on YouTube. Since February 14, 2007, a Czech youtuber with many nicknames, most known as Klasichesz, started spreading it as a meme and quickly became famous. You can see some of his videos below.

The popularity of Klasichesz was quite high at that time - there were even video answers devoted to him.

The 2007 memes show that they are based on the insert before Miro Semberac's music video. On April 19, 2008, the Croatian humorous website Stickypond Krajina released a clip with "portraits" of its users, in which the chief administrator was personified by an accordionist. On May 16, 2009, Klasichesz posted another clip where he used the music by DJ Zeki, which was destined to become his magnum opus.

In 2010, a Macedonian Sergej from Istanbul published the video above on the Krautchan image board, entitled it "RAMBO SERBIA" and accompanied with the parody text "REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab", intentionally absurdly insulting Turks and praising the rapper Tupac. Soon the meme became well-known worldwide, followers crossed Tupac with an interview of a confident soldier nicknamed "Serbian Rambo", while Miro Semberac appeared in the documentary "The Weight of Chains" (2010). On August 21, the YouTube user MyDoominateR (later known as Urindunk и Kocayine) reuploads the only aviable Croatian edition of the full song music video with subtitles added by himself under the title «SERBIA STRONG!» (referring to the meme Polska strong!), and on October 17 he uploads a looped 14 minutes 45 seconds framed low-quality piece with a jump on the cut's place, named «REMOVE KEBAB».

On September 11, 2011 psykrapmadafaka put together the disparate pieces of meme part in the right order and published it under the title "DAT FACE SOLDIER!!!". However, the most classic versions (10 and 5 million views respectively) became the five-minute version of MyDoominateR's "REMOVE KEBAB" posted by Ryuuzakii666 on July 29, 2012, and the "SERBIA STRONG!" clip recreated by Kocayine himself on June 13, 2013 without the provocative inserts. By that time, the channel had a whole collection of similar songs, which formed a cult of so-called "turbo folk" (which means Balkan pop and has nothing to do with military or nationalist themes). The song began to conquer the world outside the Internet: in 2017 it was sung by members of the Chinese army, in 2019 it gained notoriety with an anti-Muslim terrorist, and in 2020 it blocked police radio frequencies in Chicago.